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Fear Fair – 2016 Review Fear Fair – 2016 Review... rating
The Haunted Hotel – 2016 Review The Haunted Hotel – 2016 Review... rating
The Devil’s Attic – 2016 Review The Devil’s Attic – 2016 Review... rating
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A whole new website coming soon!

A whole new website coming soon! We’re working on a whole new website that’s easy on the eyes, simple to navigate and more interactive. Be sure to follow us on Facebook ( and Twitter (@hh_tour) for updates!
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Help us get our new logo!

Help us get our new logo! Haunted House Tour has never had a formal logo. We have sought the incredible artistic mind of Chad Savage to develop a stand-out logo for our group. This is not a cheap expense, especially for a non-profit group like ours. While we plan on pitching in our own money as a group, we also want to give you the opportunity to help! Anyone who donates any amount towards this effort will receive a thank you in our reveal video in a few months. The new logo will mark the start of what we hope to be bigger and better things for our group and our followers, including a new fresh website. More information can be found here: Thanks for your...
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2016 Frightmaster Awards announced!

2016 Frightmaster Awards announced! Here are our 2016 Frightmaster Award winners! The Frightmaster Award for Best Extreme Haunt – 2016 goes to Fear Fair! This was a last-minute visit for us and we are glad we made it because we had an absolutely terrorizing time. Fantastic! The Frightmaster Award for Most Innovative Haunt – 2016 goes to The Dent Schoolhouse! The Frightmaster Award for Best Traditional Haunt – 2016 goes to The Dent Schoolhouse! The Frightmaster Award for Most Improved Haunt – 2016 goes to The Dent Schoolhouse! Amazing changes and additions this year. We added a new category this year for the smaller haunts: The Frightmaster Award for Best Up-And-Coming Haunt – 2016 goes to Stillwell Manor! A prime example of how a lot of passion and hard work can create something unique and memorable. …and finally The Ultimate Frightmaster Award – 2016 goes to The Dent Schoolhouse!   We’d like to express a great job well done to all the haunts this year. We know all of you sacrifice a lot of time (and money!) for your attractions and by no means do we intend for these awards to detract from other haunts. All of your efforts and creativity do not go unnoticed!! We have some radical changes in mind for 2017 as well as a special announcement which will be revealed soon. Thanks again for a spooky 2016 and we look forward to 2017 with much enthusiasm!   Visit the Fear Fair web site at Visit The Dent Schoolhouse web site at Visit the Stillwell Manor web site at
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Now on Twitter!

Now on Twitter! We’ve caught up to 2006! Add us on Twitter: @HH_Tour
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Land of Illusion – 2016 review has been updated!...

Land of Illusion – 2016 review has been updated! /land-of-illusion-review-2016/ We’ve added reviews of the attractions we missed on our first visit this year.  
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Fear Fair – 2016 Review

Fear Fair – 2016 Review (all ratings scored out of 5) Fear Fair Curb Appeal – 4/5 Scare Factor – 5/5 Actor Enthusiasm – 5/5 Creativity – 5/5 Overall – 4.8/5 Paul – Wow! I think Fear Fair is one of the most fun trips through a haunt I’ve ever had. The sets were constructed very well, the actors did an outstanding job, the animatronics were extremely well-done, costumes were great; I’m not sure I could compliment this haunt much more. Fear Fair is in an industrial area of Seymour, IN which is between Louisville and Indianapolis off of I-65. When you approach the site you’ll notice the big spot light shining into the shy and there is an undead DJ playing music on the second floor of the building with a full light show going. Once inside, this is a full-contact haunt. The actors can grab you, push you, jump on you, and they will! At one point I had one actor who jumped on my back and 2 more grabbing my arms. Intense! The actors has great costumes and make-up as well. I was also really impressed by the sets; they had amazing detail but weren’t cluttered up with trinkety junk like you see in a lot of haunts. Just enough to make everything feel very real. I really have nothing but good things to say about Fear Fair. We drove over from Cincinnati and it was WELL worth the trip. This is a haunt I can’t wait to go through again!   Teresa – I was a little apprehensive when we arrived. Fear Fair is in a warehouse district and parking isn’t very clear. We got there right at opening time and the lines were already long, particularly the line to get tickets. However, there was a live DJ cranking out tunes and occasionally throwing out T-shirts. The crowd was definitely into it. I saw a couple of wandering scare actors, both of whom were rather intimidating. They were really playing their characters to the hilt. There were also a couple of fire-jugglers. Then, they took our picture for the website and we went in. As for the haunt itself, I think it was outstanding. The sets were creative, well-done, and detailed, but not cluttered. You start out in a post-apocalyptic  bunker-like building with a run-away elevator. From...
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